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Chicago Cubs Shortstop Starlin Castro Gets Big Endorsement Deal

Chicago Cubs shortstop Starlin Castro got off to such an incredibly hot start this season that he wound up on the cover of Sports Illustrated and more than likely snuggled a little more deeply in the hearts and hopes of his team's fans. (Did I seriously just use the verb "snuggled"?) Well, now that hot start -- and his general, all-around awesomeness (despite his recent slump) -- has earned him something else: a big endorsement.


Castro has signed an exclusive deal with Lutte Licensing Group, LLC, makers and distributors of Core Synergy(R) titanium wristbands. According to the company's website, "magnetized titanium holds a positive charge and is said to reverse the effect of pain in the body caused by negative energy fields." Take that, grumpy home plate umps. Starlin will wear a pink wristband on Mother's Day with proceeds going to the Spielman Fund for Breast Cancer Research.