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Cubs Errors Make All Seven Cincinnati Runs Unearned

Tuesday’s game in Cincinnati was certainly an unusual one for the Chicago Cubs. Once again a late collapse led to a loss in what was an easily winnable game. This time, however, the collapse came not because of an implosion by the Cubs starter and bullpen, but rather because of three errors.

The Cubs got the lead early on a Carlos Pena home run, a three run shot that was hit on the first baseman’s 33rd birthday. Errors by Pena and starter Matt Garza, however, would spot the Reds the tying score. Chicago then re-took the lead late, with single runs tacked on in the seventh and eighth innings. But, a poor pick-off throw by Kerry Wood let the Reds tie the game and then take the lead. The Reds bullpen shut it down from there, and the Cubs were swept with a final score of 7-5.

The Cubs will now head to Miami for a two game series against the Florida Marlins. First pitch will be at 7:10, P.M., CDT.