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Quentin, Castro Bring Player Of The Week Awards To Both Sides Of Town

Are we through the first week of baseball already? No, we're not. But, being sticklers for details, MLB has already released its first Player of the Week Awards of the 2011 season (3/31-4/3). The good news: A Chicago White Sox slugger and an exciting young infielder for the Chicago Cubs are grateful recipients.


Carlos Quentin, the 28-year-old White Sox right fielder, took the AL award. He put up a batting average/on-base percentage/slugging percentage line of .545/.583/1.091 (1.674 OPS) in 12 plate appearances during that period. Encouraging results from a guy who's struggled with his health and consistency since an MVP-caliber 2008 season.


Starlin Castro, the 21-year-old Cubs shortstop, shares NL honors with, gratingly enough, St. Louis Cardinals starting pitcher Jaime Garcia. Castro hit .614/.643/1.000 (1.643 OPS) in 14 plate appearances during that period. Defensive results from the North Siders' young phenom -- the youngest player in baseball at the moment -- have been mixed. But, thus far, his bat has not disappointed.