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Chicago Cubs President Theo Epstein Prohibited From Hiring Anyone From The Boston Red Sox For 3 Years, According To Report

Since Theo Epstein moved from Boston to Chicago, the Red Sox and Cubs have been trying to iron out compensation for Epstein. The clubs made little progress on that front, to the point where MLB Commissioner Bud Selig threatened to step in and resolve the issue himself, though that never happened and the issue hit the backburner. According to a report from ESPN's Gordon Edes, the clubs have agreed on one thing, however: Epstein cannot hire anyone from the Red Sox for the next three years.

At this stage, it would come as a surprise if the Red Sox receive more than a run-of-the-mill prospect or two from the Chicago Cubs for Epstein, although the sides have reached agreement on one issue, according to a major league source. Epstein, who this week hired an area scout from the Red Sox, Matt Corey, and promoted him to national cross-checker, will be prohibited from adding anyone else from the Red Sox for a period of three years.

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