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Chicago Cubs Manager Search: Mike Maddux Withdraws From Red Sox; May Stay In Texas

Sports Illustrated's Jon Heyman and ESPN Boston are reporting that Texas Rangers pitching coach Mike Maddux has been withdrawn from consideration for the Boston Red Sox managerial position. Pete Gammons confirms the withdrawal, providing quotes suggesting that Maddux has removed himself from consideration entirely, opting to stay in Texas:

"We're in a good situation," Maddux says of his Ranger job. "My family moved here, the kids will be in school for 3 more years here."

This potentially scratches off the biggest candidate on the Cubs' list of managerial candidates and one of the two leading candidates for that opening. The Cubs still have plans to interview several more individuals, including Dale Sveum, Sandy Alomar Jr., and possibly DeMarlo Hale and Dave Martinez.

The Cubs may still interview Maddux as the team has not made an announcement yet -- and Maddux himself appears undecided about Chicago.

Stay tuned to SB Nation Chicago for more information, and visit Baseball Nation for more news and notes around the league.