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Chicago Cubs Manager Search: Looking Ahead At The Week's Interview Schedule

On Thursday and Friday, the Chicago Cubs brought in their first managerial candidate, Pete Mackanin (pronounced "ma KAN in"), the Philadelphia Phillies bench manager.

The Cubs, eschewing the typical interview process, will be putting all their managerial candidates through a CIA-like interview process which requires candidates to watch video of a Boston Red Sox game and answer questions as though they were managing the game. The grueling interview process is then followed by a small press conference, meant to give Theo Epstein and the Chicago Cubs execs a feel for the candidate's ability to handle the press.

The interview schedule, according to CSN Chicago, will follow this general schedule:

Thursday, Friday: Pete Mackanin
The first of the Cubs interviews, Mackanin finished last Friday, describing the process as "comprehensive." For more on the Mackanin interview, check out his post-interview press conference.

Monday, Tuesday: Dale Sveum
The Brewers hitting coach appears to be the top target for the Boston Red Sox, who interviewed him only days ago. Judging by the Mackanin interview, this interview may last until Tuesday.

Wednesday through Friday (expected): Mike Maddux, Sandy Alomar Jr.
The biggest name of the interview process and another co-candidate for the Red Sox job, famous Texas Rangers pitching coach Mike Maddux -- brother of Greg Maddux -- is expected to interview later in the week. He was originally slated to be interviewed earlier, but a case of laryngitis set him back.

Sandy Alomar Jr., who was widely expected to be a part of the interview process, will indeed recieve and interview sometime this week. Presumably, the Cubs will see Maddux first, then Alomar.

Following Week: DeMarlo Hale, Dave Martinez
CSN reports the Cubs will also give an interview to DeMarlo Hale, current coach for the Red Sox and a Chicago native. Hale was a lead candidate for the Toronto Blue Jays managerial opening last year and is reported to have a good rapport with Epstein.

Dave Martinez, the present bench manager for the Tampa Bay Rays, is also expected to interview at some point, but the Cubs have not officially named him as a candidate yet.