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Billy Corgan Is Mad Theo Epstein Won't Consider Ryne Sandberg As Cubs' Manager

Chicago Cubs President of Baseball Operations Theo Epstein has made it clear that Ryne Sandberg is not in consideration for the vacant Cubs managerial position. This decision is something that was bound to upset a few Cubs fans looking for a nostalgic presence amidst the drastic organizational changes of recent weeks, but who would have guessed the angriest fan would be Billy Corgan, lead singer of the Smashing Pumpkins.

In a recent interview on WSCR Chicago 670AM, Corgan voiced his frustration with Epstein's refusal to seriously consider Ryne Sandberg:

"(Sandberg) is an adopted Chicagoan in the way that Ditka is. I think a guy like that deserves a meeting, I'm sorry. He deserves a meeting. He deserves to be able to sit down, one hour, in an office and say, 'This is why I should be the manager of the Chicago Cubs.' Now, if he doesn't make it from that point of view and they go, 'He's not our guy,' whatever, but to not even let him through the door I think that's a little bit childish. I don't get that."

It's quite possible that Epstein already learned all he knew all he needed to know about Sandberg when he interviewed him as Red Sox GM for a minor league position, but don't tell that to Corgan. Apparently he thinks Epstein's requirement that all candidates have previous MLB managerial experience is a "childish" fixation. Maybe we can at least get a goo song out of this whole scenario.

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