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Report: Chicago Cubs Sign Dale Sveum To 3-Year Contract, Option For 4th Year

Earlier today, the Chicago Cubs signed former Milwaukee Brewers hitting coach Dale Sveum (pronounced swaym) to be the Cubs manager, starting in the 2012 season. According to multiple sources, Sveum signed a three-year contract with a possibility for a fourth year:

@PWSullivan: Sveum gets three year deal and option for 2015.

Sveum, who played 12 seasons in the MLB, has never been a full-time manager in the majors, though he has briefly served as the interim manager for the Brewers. As Jeff Sullivan of Baseball Nation notes, Chicago Cubs fans do not have much in the way of expectations for Sveum:

How will Sveum do as the Cubs' next manager? No idea. Absolutely no idea. Even after he's been managing there for a while, we'll have no good idea how he's doing. Managers. So tricky.

The Cubs will officially introduce Sveum as the manager on Friday.

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