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Deadline For Cubs, Red Sox Nears For Epstein Compensation Package

The Chicago Cubs and Boston Red Sox will be forced to reach compensation for Theo Epstein tomorrow.

What started at a local Starbucks will officially be complete tomorrow when the Chicago Cubs and Boston Red Sox are forced to agree on compensation for Theo Epstein, the new President of Baseball Operations for Chicago who left his GM job in Boston with a year remaining on his contract. The teams have agreed there will be "significant" compensation. If they can't reach it, commissioner Bud Selig will intervene.

While compensation discussions have been intense since they begun, this quote from new Boston GM Ben Cherington at least shows everyone involved is keeping their perspective.

"We’ve always felt like that was a possibility,’’ new Red Sox general manager Ben Cherington said of Selig’s potential involvement as arbiter. "It’s a difficult deal to work out. It’s hard to quantify the value of a Theo Epstein. I have an idea of it, and Theo doesn’t think he’s worth as much as I think he is, and we haven’t bridged that gap.’’

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