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Theo Epstein, Mike Quade Will Meet To Discuss Job As Manager

With Theo Epstein now officially in control of the Chicago Cubs, he'll begin to deal with various personnel issues that will loom large over the franchise this off-season. He'll have to decide what to do with players such as Carlos Zambrano and Aramis Ramirez, and he'll also have to decide who he wants to lead his team in the clubhouse. Current manager Mike Quade was seen as a surprising choice when he was hired last off-season by ex-GM Jim Hendry, and after a disastrous 2011 season, there is wide speculation that the Cubs' new regime will look to make a change. No decision has been made yet, and in his press conference on Tuesday, Epstein noted that he has talked to Quade, and will meet with him sometime soon to discuss the future of the franchise:

"I've already had a couple of nice phone conversations with Mike Quade," Epstein said during his introductory news conference Tuesday at Wrigley Field. "We have plans to meet in person sometime over the next week.

"Mike seems like a great guy and he has developed a great reputation over many decades in this game. I look forward to sitting down with him in person as a first step, sharing with him my vision for the organization. I'd like to hear his vision for the organization."

(via ESPN Chicago)

Quade has one year remaining on his contract, and if Epstein does retain him, it's believed it will be because he has his eye on a manager— say, current Rays skipper Joe Maddon— who may not be available this off-season.