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A Gchat Exchange Between Red Sox Owner, John Henry, and Cubs Owner, Tom Ricketts; Compensation For Theo Epstein

With the deal between the Cubs and Theo Epstein done, the only hurdle remaining is an agreeable compensation package between the Cubs and Red Sox to buy out the last year on Epstein's Boston deal. SBN Chicago has intercepted a recent Gchat conversation between the teams respective owners, Tom Ricketts and John Henry. That exchange following the jump.

The Emails: (John Henry) and (Tom Ricketts).

The Exchange:

nottravishenry: Hello, Tom.
TheRicketteurs: hey. hows the neck?
nottravishenry: Fine, Tom. Just fine.
TheRicketteurs: cool
nottravishenry: Lets get down to business. I'm a busy man, as I am sure you are, too.
TheRicketteurs: eh. mostly just hangin (with mr. cooper) in wrigley. HA! fun time. ever been?
nottravishenry: I don't want to talk about that. At all. Theo, Tom. Compensation. 
TheRicketteurs: oh. sure. wat u want?!?
nottravishenry: Matt Garza. Nothing more, nothing less. Reasonable request, I think. You get the best GM in the game and we get Matt Garza. Fair and balanced.
TheRicketteurs: LOLZ! 
nottravishenry: Excuse me?
TheRicketteurs: that's y I luv u J. even at ur age ur hi-larious.
nottravishenry: That was no joke, sir. Are you telling me Matt Garza is more valuable than the future success of your franchise?
TheRicketteurs: brb
nottravishenry: What?
What does that mean?
You there?
You better not be playing hard ball with me, Tom. Do you know who I am? What I can do to you? Just look at what I did to Francona. He's ruined. Disgraced. Do you want that to be your fate, Tom?
TheRicketteurs: hey. sorry. Allman Brothers tickets just went on sale. I liked gregg better when he was on drugs.
nottravishenry: What are you talking about?
TheRicketteurs: where were we?
nottravishenry: Matt Garza for Theo.
TheRicketteurs: i dunno. just spoke to oneri. seems pretty pretty pretty pretty high. wut else ya got?
nottravishenry: Playing hardball, I see. This will only go poorly for you.
TheRicketteurs: do u actually like soccer?
nottravishenry: What? Andrew Cashner then. I'm not settling for anything less.
TheRicketteurs: eh. i like his beard. and he's from texas. texans are totally kool. texas forever! right?
nottravishenry: Are you high on drugs?
TheRicketteurs: just life.... and maybe some drugs. LOL! 
nottravishenry: Jesus H. Christ.
Fine, Tom. Pick from the following. Any two will do:
Trey McNutt, Brett Jackson, Matt Szczur or Josh Vitters
TheRicketteurs: i'm kinda hungry. you ever read any craggs? dude BLOWS MY MIND.
nottravishenry: Please focus, Tom. You're worse than Manny.
TheRicketteurs: now he knows where to get some drogas. amirite? HA!
nottravishenry: How do you own a baseball franchise?
TheRicketteurs: u watch that nlcs? man i fuckin hate tony LaDouchebag
nottravishenry: I rather like him. And his politics.
TheRicketteurs: woof
nottravishenry: Can you just pick from the names I have listed above?
TheRicketteurs: like pick two from panera? there broccoli-cheddar is amazeballs.
nottravishenry: Sure, Tom. Like Panera Bread. And it's "their".
TheRicketteurs: hmmm. let me see...
McNutt - funny name. no way. 
Jackson - i think i heard of him. he the brother of that guy from the tigers? oneri is shaking his head no.
Szczur - look at that name! we need him and samar-alphabet on the same team. make those journos go crazy! u understand, john. im sure
Vitters - he REFUSES to walk. REFUSES. gotta respect a guy who commits to something.
nottravishenry: What do you propose then?
TheRicketteurs: can we just do this later? the x-factor is on.
nottravishenry: This is highly unprofessional.
TheRicketteurs: jeez. chill out dad. 
nottravishenry: Fine. Lets talk tomorrow at 9 a.m. sharp.
TheRicketteurs: that's kinda early...

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