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Granddaughter Of Former Cubs GM Dallas Green Among Those Killed In Arizona Shooting

Sports is supposed to be a respite from the world around us, a place where we can enjoy life and be apart from danger and pain.


Thus it is with sadness and disbelief that I report to you this morning that the nine-year-old girl who was killed Saturday in the tragic shootings in Tucson, Arizona was the granddaughter of former Cubs general manager Dallas Green; her father was Green's son John, who is now a scout for the Los Angeles Dodgers.


Without bringing politics nor any judgment into a post on a site that is supposed to be dedicated to the enjoyment of Chicago sports, I wanted to express my condolences to Dallas Green's family in this time which must be impossible for them to comprehend. Dallas Green helped bring a NL East title and great pleasure to me and millions of other Cubs fans during his tenure as Cubs GM. My heart goes out to his family and the families of all the others affected by the reprehensible acts yesterday in Tucson, Arizona.


Here's more on Christina-Taylor Green from CSN Philadelphia.