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Want To Play Football At Wrigley Field?

The Cubs are opening Wrigley Field to fans who want to toss a football around on Sunday, Nov. 21, the day after the Northwestern/Illinois game will become the first football game played there since 1970:

"Touchdown on Wrigley Field" allows fans to toss a football, race down the sidelines or sip hot chocolate on Wrigley Field’s football gridiron the day following the Northwestern vs. Illinois match-up. Tickets for the November 21 event are $50 per session. Sessions begin at 10 a.m. and continue hourly through 3 p.m. Guest tickets are also available for $15 each and include access to the stadium for those who wish to watch but not participate on the field. Children two years of age and under do not need a guest ticket to enter the stadium.

You can find more information or buy tickets here.