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Tired Of Winter? Plan Your Cactus League Vacation

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It's been unusually cold in the Chicago area this early December -- one report said it was the coldest beginning to December in recorded Chicago weather history, which goes back 140 years -- and with the Cubs acquiring Carlos Pena and the White Sox re-upping Paul Konerko after signing Adam Dunn, perhaps your thoughts have turned to baseball on this week of the baseball winter meetings.


While two months still separate us from pitchers and catchers reporting to spring training and two more weeks after that until the first spring training game for the Cubs on Feb. 27 and the White Sox on Feb. 28, you can start planning your spring training vacation to Arizona now using the Cactus League's handy schedule generator.


Just check off the teams you want to see and the dates you can be in Arizona and that link will provide you with a complete list of games, along with starting times and links to buy tickets.


Simple, right? It's never too early to think about baseball and summer (or spring) sunshine.