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REPORT: Kerry Wood To Sign With Cubs If He Passes Physical

Just about confirming the report posted in several online locations, including here, last night, Bruce Miles reports this afternoon in his Daily Herald blog that if Kerry Wood passes his physical — and given the fact that he was healthy the last two months of the season and through the postseason, there’s no reason he shouldn’t — he’ll be a Cub, likely for the next two years.

No contract details are available yet, but Miles reports “people I’ve talked with say the Cubs are happy with the financials.” In addition to shoring up setup relief, a real problem at time for the 2010 Cubs, this may allow them to try out Andrew Cashner in the starting rotation, something many fans have been clamoring for since Cashner blazed through a couple of minor league levels last year before his recall to be in the Cubs’ bullpen.

Presuming Wood is signed, he should get a rousing reception at the Cubs Convention next month; reaction even to the rumor of this signing seemed overwhelmingly positive (though there were a few naysayers, too).