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Ryne Sandberg Leaving Cubs Organization

This was probably something everyone knew when Ryne Sandberg was passed over for Mike Quade in the Cubs' recent managerial search, but it was made official by Cubs GM Jim Hendry this afternoon, via tweet from Sun-Times beat writer Gordon Wittenmyer:

Hendry confirms Sandberg leaving organization. Says it was left to Ryno and hopes for a return at some pt

For those who love Sandberg, this is probably the best for him. If he wants to get major league coaching experience, he can get it with another team, and perhaps somewhere down the road, return to the Cubs. Whatever happened internally between Hendry and Sandberg will likely never be known, but it did appear that Hendry didn't really care much for Ryno, for whatever reason.


The Deep Dish wishes Sandberg well. He did what few Hall of Famers will even try -- go back and ride the buses at the lowest levels of the minor leagues to make his way back to the majors and work hard and rise through the organization. That, in itself, sets a good example for anyone, ballplayer or not.