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Derek Jeter As A Cubs Or White Sox Player... Or On 27 Other Teams

No, Derek Jeter isn't going to sign with the Cubs or White Sox -- at least we at the Deep Dish don't think so -- but Beckett Media has come up with 29 fake Derek Jeter cards, one for each team other than the Yankees, and one with him in his traditional Yankee pinstripes. Chris Olds posits five scenarios -- Pirates, Athletics, Cardinals, Rockies and Yankees -- with varying degrees of ridiculousness.


Could Jeter wind up with the Red Sox? Probably not, but Red Sox fans would love to stick it to their rivals in New York. Some of the 29 Photoshops aren't that great -- Olds admits it -- the arms are too skinny, or the proportions look wrong, and even though the Dodgers have retired No. 2 (Tommy Lasorda), it's doubtful Jeter would take No. 14 if he signed there. Or No. 1 for the Orioles, No. 6 for the Mets, No. 8 for the Marlins, or No. 49 for the Pirates -- the only other visible numbers on the fake cards that aren't No. 2.


It won't happen here in Chicago, of course, but here are the White Sox and Cubs Jeter Photoshops:

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