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Wrigley Field Marquee To Be Painted Purple For Northwestern Game

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The Cubs and Northwestern announced today that the famous Wrigley Field marquee at the corner of Clark & Addison will be painted "Wildcat Purple" for the Northwestern/Illinois game, officially termed the "Allstate Wrigleyville Classic", to be held on Saturday, Nov. 20 at 2:30 p.m. CST.


On Monday, Nov. 15, "ceremonial paint strokes" will begin that painting process. Representatives from Northwestern University and the Cubs will be there for this ceremony, including Northwestern Director of Athletics Jim Phillips and Chicago Cubs Board Member Laura Ricketts.


A bit of history about the marquee: it was originally created by the Federated Sign Company and was a blue-green color when it was installed for the 1934 season. It remained that color until it was painted red in 1965.


The Deep Dish assumes the marquee will be restored to its well-known red color in time for the baseball season, although a return to the original blue/aqua color for historic purposes wouldn't be bad, either.