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Chicago Named Best Sports City

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No, seriously!


The Sporting News' annual survey named Chicago Best Sports City of 2010. Was it just the Blackhawks winning the Stanley Cup? That was part of it, but:

Yet a single championship—remarkable as it may be—doesn’t make a Best Sports City. Otherwise how could we overlook the Saints’ Super Bowl victory?↵

↵There’s big league baseball, two teams’ worth; there’s the Bulls, a team surely on the rise. There’s the beloved Bears and DePaul hoops, Northwestern football and NASCAR Sprint Cup racing.↵

↵There is the city’s head-over-heels love for sports, all sports, and the people who play them.↵

↵“When you’re an athlete in Chicago,” Pro Football Hall of Famer Dick Butkus says, “everybody’s your friend.”


That's all true, particularly the quote from Butkus. Now if we can only add a few more championships to that Stanley Cup. The full list of 402 North American cities (didn't know there were that many!) is at the link. No. 402 is Yakima, Washington.


WARNING! Clicking on the Sporting News link loads a page with an extremely loud and annoying commercial. Reloading the page will make it go away.