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Cubs Host Wrigley Neighbors

Click on photo to open a larger version in a new browser window. Photo by Miriam Romain


In two sessions on Saturday morning and early afternoon, the Cubs opened Wrigley Field to several hundred neighbors who live in the zip codes bordering the ballpark. Families with kids threw baseballs (and in a couple of cases, footballs) around on the Wrigley Field grass, on the pitcher's mound and in the bullpen and took photographs posing in front of the ivy.


On a chilly, occasionally drizzly day (the photo accompanying this post was taken at one of the few moments the sun peeked through) with the baseball season coming to a close and the ivy beginning to turn brown on the brick walls at Wrigley, it was a nice gesture by the Cubs, who also provided hot dogs, chips, drinks and ice cream to their guests.