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Ryne Sandberg: What's Next For Him?

Daily Herald columnist Barry Rozner spoke to Ryne Sandberg today and says it appears Sandberg may be moving on:

The Hall of Famer also harbors no ill will toward the Cubs.

“I wish Mike Quade nothing but the best. He’s put in his time in this game and managed a long time and he did a good job in an interim situation, which is never easy,’’ Sandberg said. “I’m grateful to Jim Hendry and the Ricketts family for the opportunity with the Cubs, and for considering me as a candidate, and I wish the best for them.’’

It sure sounds like Sandberg is saying goodbye to the Cubs.

“I haven’t thought that far ahead,’’ Sandberg said. “I’m glad I spent four years in the minors, but I feel like I’m ready to get back to the majors.’’

We’ll see. No other coaches were named in the Quade announcement, and the only confirmed holdovers are pitching coach Larry Rothschild and batting coach Rudy Jaramillo. These questions will likely be addressed at Quade’s press conference this afternoon.