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Bulls trade rumors: Andrea Bargnani and Carlos Boozer still linked, All-Stars weigh on Derrick Rose rehab

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With All-Star weekend in the past, the trade deadline moves even closer for the Chicago Bulls. The Bulls remain linked to the Raptors in a Boozer-Bargnani swap, though Toronto doesn't want to add his salary to their books.

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The Chicago Bulls are out of action tonight, but will be returning to the hardwood tomorrow when they head out to New Orleans to take on the Hornets as they kick off the second half of the season.

The buzz surrounding the trade deadline hasn't shifted much, with the Bulls and Toronto Raptors still linked in discussions surrounding Andrea Bargnani and Carlos Boozer. As it stands, it is reported that the Raptors have no interest in adding Boozer as a player, or a contract, via Doug Smith of the Toronto Star.

Yes, there has been chatter about Bargnani-Boozer around here but I’m not sure if it’s just people catching up the first one or what.

But my information remains as it was a week or so ago, there is no interest in taking on either Boozer or his more-costly contract.

Without any progress on the swap, it seems like this could be a fading possibility.

But the biggest news in Chicago, currently, is the status of Derrick Rose, who recently revealed he may not play this season as he recovers from his torn ACL. With the amount of players gathered, it was a given that the media would ask for their opinions on his status.

Kobe Bryant supported Rose taking the time to properly rehabilitate his knee via ESPN Chicago's Nick Friedell.

Meanwhile, Luol Deng stated that nobody wants to be on the court more so than Derrick Rose himself via Nick Friedell of ESPN Chicago.

"This guy wants to play more than anyone," Deng said recently. "He wants to play more than the fans (want him to play.) He's working hard. He's in the gym before everyone, he's leaving after everyone, he's taking care of his knee. He really wants to come back and be better than he was."

Dwight Howard, a brand-mate on Adidas with Rose, also weighed in. Howard returned early from his back injury and has stated that he's only at "75%" multiple times over the last few weeks. His advice? Get right, via Nick Friedell.

"He has to play when he's ready," Howard said. "He can't risk his career and what other people think of what he should do. But he should come back and play when he's totally ready."

For now, though, the Bulls remain quiet on the trade-front. Without any changes to a proposed Bargnani-Boozer swap, there aren't any other rumors floating out there. Yet.