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LeBron James expected to play vs. Bulls

A knee injury doesn't seem like it will be keeping the Heat's LeBron James out of Friday's contest against the Bulls.

Mike Ehrmann

Miami Heat forward LeBron James may have a nagging knee injury, but that doesn't sound like it will keep him out of Friday's game against the Chicago Bulls, according to Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra in a report from's Aggrey Sam on Friday.

James didn't practice with the team on Thursday in an attempt to rest his ailing right knee, but Spoelstra, according to Sam's report, said that the entire roster went through Miami's shootaround on Friday morning, which was a positive-enough sign for Spoelstra to expect James to give it a go on Friday night.

Here's Spoelstra, from the report:

"You never know. I didn't want to come in assuming. He's had a couple knick-knack injuries that would probably be bigger injuries for other people the way he's been hit, but because he's so sturdy and strong, he's been able to absorb that type of contact. But he was able to go through the shootaround today - it wasn't a walk-through, it was a shootaround - so that was encouraging."

James, however, alluded to the fact that his knee might not be feeling as good as his coach thinks it is. From the report:

"‘Spo' always thinks I'm okay. It's always the same with ‘Spo.' He doesn't see injury at all. It's been better. Try to get into the training room, get some more work done on it and hopefully by tonight, I can be out there for my guys."

For the season, James is averaging 26.5 points, 7.1 assists and 8.6 rebounds playing in all of the Heat's 30 games so far.