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2013 NBA standings: Bulls trail Pacers in Central Division

The Chicago Bulls are a game behind the Indiana Pacers in the Central Division standings and fifth-place in the Eastern Conference.


The Chicago Bulls won two of their last three games, but remain behind the red-hot Indiana Pacers, who have won nine of their last 11 and are 19-13 on the season. The Bulls are one game behind the Pacers in the Central Division.

Chicago leads the Milwaukee Bucks (16-14) by a game, as the Bucks are two games off the division lead. The Detroit Pistons have won three straight over some tough competition, but at 12-22 still sit eight games behind the Pacers. In the back of the division the Cleveland Cavaliers continue to struggle at 7-26, 12.5 games behind Indiana.

The Miami Heat (22-8) lead the Southeast Division and the Eastern Conference. The Atlantic Division leading New York Knicks (21-10) would be the second seed in the conference, while the Atlanta Hawks (20-10) are currently the three-seed.

Chicago currently ranks fifth in the conference and would face the Pacers in the first round of the playoffs if the season ended with the standings unchanged.