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Chicago Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau isn't pleased after loss to Bobcats

The Bulls allowed the Charlotte Bobcats to end an 18-game losing streak at the United Center on Monday, and Tom Thibodeau is understandably upset about it.


After allowing the Charlotte Bobcats to end their 18-game losing streak at the United Center on Monday afternoon, Chicago Bulls head coach Tom Thibodeau was understandably upset with how his players performed on both sides of the court.

Speaking with reporters recently, Thibodeau expressed his frustration with the team's effort, emphasizing that the team needs to stay focused. "Just do the right things. We can't take shortcuts. When you take shortcuts, you're gonna get what you deserve in this league, so we gotta put the work back into it," Thibodeau told CSN Chicago.

The Bulls continue to be one of the league's best defensive squads despite the absence of starting point guard Derrick Rose, but the offense has struggled badly without its best scorer and playmaker. Inconsistency has been a major issue, as the Bulls have struggled to string together wins against quality opponents this season.

After a five-game stretch during which Chicago defeated the likes of Brooklyn, Philadelphia, Boston and New York, the Bulls have stumbled to three losses in their past four games.