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Chicago Bulls Could Struggle With Three-Point Shooting

The Chicago Bulls are going to look vastly different in 2012 than they did in the previous two years of the Tom Thibodeau era, and one area where the team may see a noticeable drop-off is in three-point shooting. The team has parted ways with Kyle Korver and C.J. Watson, its two best three-point shooters, as well as John Lucas III, who was stellar from long range in 2011.

The Bulls added Marco Belinelli, a respectable long-range bomber, and will hope for better shooting out of Kyle Korver. That said, they'll be hard-pressed to replicate their shooting from the last few years, especially with Luol Deng still recovering from a wrist injury.

This all coincides with a story from SB Nation's Tom Ziller that spells out just how important it is for NBA teams to do two things: shoot threes, and make them. How often the Bulls do both in 2012 may go a long way toward determining whether their new look is a success.

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