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Jeremy Lin Lauds Omer Asik's Offensive Ability

Jeremy Lin is praising the offensive prowess of his newest teammate, Omer Asik, saying he is much more than just a defensive stopper, according to Mark Strotman on CSN Chicago.

"Omer [Asik], people don't give him enough credit for his offensive ability," Lin said. "He's known for his defense but he's not bad offensively. I think he's surprised everybody. That's the biggest thing so far. I haven't been able to see the rookies play enough yet to draw any firm conclusions."

Asik has averaged only 2.9 points and 0.4 assists per game throughout his two year NBA career, including 3.1 points and 0.5 assists last season. Defensively, however, he averaged 5.3 rebounds and one block in 14.7 minutes during the 2011-12 season, including 30 steals in 66 games.

Asik and Lin both signed with the Houston Rockets this offseason for three-year, $25 million contracts. The Chicago Bulls did not match Houston's offer for Asik and instead opted to sign veteran Nazr Mohammed.

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