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Presenting The Official Brian Scalabrine Highlight Video

Chicago Bulls Bench Mob jester Brian Scalabrine has retired from the NBA after a distinguished 11-year career that also saw him spend time with the New Jersey Nets and Boston Celtics. In memory of Scal's time in the league, the NBA has released an official highlight video, featuring his greatest three-point shots and jumpers, as well as an up-and-under layup and -- gasp! -- a fast break dunk.

Hit the jump for the full video.

Aside from being, uh, eye-opening, the highlight video raises the following question: What's it like to be an NBA player with a decade-long career who is treated by fans as if he was pulled from the upper deck and stuck in the game as some sort of promotional gimmick? Nearly every Scal highlight is treated by both the crowd and the announcers as if an alien just waltzed onto the court, but Scal was so beloved because he never seemed to mind his status.

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