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Chicago Bulls Are 10th-Best Spenders In NBA, According To Business Week

The Chicago Bulls are rated as the tenth-best spenders in the NBA by Business Week in its annual spending efficiency rankings, as CSN Chicago reports. For the past two years, Business Week has compiled data on payroll figures and competitive success to determine how efficiently each team is spending in terms of dollars-per-win.

Among the 122 professional teams ranked by Business Week, the Bulls come in No. 38 on the list. Teams were given special bonuses for wins above .500, playoff victories and championships. The Tampa Bay Rays are considered the most efficient spenders in pro sports while the Los Angeles Lakers get the highest ranking of an NBA franchise.

Coming off this offseason, Bulls fans probably don't want to hear too much about the fiscal responsibility of the Bulls' ownership these days, even though Chicago is paying the luxury tax for the first time. Numerous key players were jettisoned during this summer in order to trim payroll despite the team's recent success on the court.

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