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Derrick Rose Chats About Everything In A BET video

On Monday, Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose sat down with John Reed of BET to talk a little bit about everything going on in his life, courtesy of

Rose was open, speaking about his feelings on Chicago's basketball culture.

"I think Chicago is definitely a type of basketball that you play. I think I play the type of basketball where that Chicago type which is a dribbling, one-on-one type of game. There are no fouls called, you have to learn how to've got to have heart."

Rose also was candid about how he stayed out of trouble as a youth growing up in the city.

"My family was always there for me. I wasn't a bad kid. I went to school, came home, played basketball the whole day and did my homework at night."

The Bulls star continued about the pressures of being young and having so much heaped upon him. Undoubtedly a pressure most can't understand.

"For me to be so young, I had to grow up super-fast where at 19 I'm taking care of my whole family, at 19 years old with only one year of college so everything was different. Now being at the age of 23 and having people look up to you like you're a role model, it's a different role for me where I just try to stay streaky-clean."

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