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Dwyane Wade Put On Chicago Bulls Jersey During 2010 Free Agency

The allure of staying in South Beach proved to be too strong for Dwyane Wade as a free agent in 2010, but the All-Star shooting guard was much, much closer to landing in Bulls uniform than some people might ever believe.

Wade admitted to the guys on CSN Chicago's Chicago Tribune Live show that being courted by the Bulls brought him back to his NBA-filled childhood. "I’m a Chicago guy and I grew up idolizing the Chicago Bulls, idolizing Michael Jordan and wanted to wear that jersey," Wade said.

"So the day I went for the Chicago visit and they gave me the No. 3 jersey, I mean, that day messed me up. I went back home and I had the jersey on and, I mean, I turned into a kid again."

As unfortunate as it was when Wade opted to stay with the Heat, there's always been an inkling that he will eventually return to Chicago one day to close out his career where it started. The fact that he was so broken up about seeing his own Bulls jersey says a lot though, so maybe a return isn't too far off.

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