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2012 NBA Free Agency: John Lucas III Weighing His Options

During a radio interview on Monday, free agent John Lucas III talked a bit about the interest he has received from other teams, including the Miami Heat. He also noted the addition of Kirk Hinrich to the Bulls, though he did not say specifically how that might affect his willingness to re-sign with Chicago.

"With everything that's going on now and I've heard [the Bulls] re-signed Kirk, which is a good move for them, so it kind of puts a little bit ... I'll sit down with my team and see what happens on that end," Lucas said. "(Miami) is a team that's reaching out to contact me, showing interest. It's coming from management. It's something going back and forth with my agent and other teams, too. They're not the only team. We have a couple other teams, too.

"It's just basically talking and seeing what would be the best fit."

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