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NBA Free Agency News: 3 Team Trade Sending Dwight Howard To Brooklyn Nets Gets Closer

It appears as if Dwight Howard is getting closer to finally joining the Brooklyn Nets. The Nets and Orlando Magic have long been searching for a third team to help a trade go through, and they may have found a partner in the Cleveland Cavaliers. Cleveland would be willing to take on power forward Kris Humphries, but is currently holding out for a draft pick or two to sweeten the deal.

The Howard situation is far from the only thing going on in NBA free agency:

  • The New Orleans Hornets and Orlando Magic have agreed to a sign-and-trade with power forward Ryan Anderson. Anderson will make $34 million over four years in New Orleans.
  • Brandon Rush could an option for whatever team loses out on Nic Batum, either the Minnesota Timberwolves, who signed the 23-year old Frechman to a hefty offer sheet, or the Portland Trail Blazers.
  • Ersan Ilyasova and the Milwaukee Bucks have reached an agreement on a five-year, $45 million extension.
  • If Andrew Bynum hits free agency in 2013, the Lakers center is said to be interested in either the Cleveland Cavaliers or the Dallas Mavericks.

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