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NBA Free Agency News: Taj Gibson Wants Bulls To Retain Omer Asik, Sign Kirk Hinrich

The Chicago Bulls -- dealing with not only the injury absence of PG Derrick Rose -- appear poised to lose a piece of the depth as the Houston Rockets have offered C Omer Asik a rich, $25 million contract. Though many expect the Bulls to allow Asik to leave, one member of the Bulls bench -- PF Taj Gibson -- would be loathe to see the 26-year-old center move to Texas:

"Of course," Gibson said. "I'd like to have our whole team come back. But in this reality, it's tough in the NBA. Guys are making moves every day. You look on your (Twitter) timeline, you look on Twitter, you look on the Internet, there's guys making moves every day and it's scary. You know that one day you're not going to be with the same guy that was on your team last year like it was before."

Gibson also praised Bulls free agency target PG Kirk Hinrich, saying the veteran guard helped Gibson develop as a rookie.

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