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NBA Free Agency 2012: Nets F Gerald Green To Meet With Bulls

The Chicago Bulls have seen much of their main competition in the Eastern Conference make moves to improve their teams, while they themselves have remained rather quiet, contemplating how to best manage their very minimal cap space. The Bulls are unlikely to make a splash, and the types of players the team is likely to target are those that will merely help fill out the rotation.

One of those players may be New Jersey Nets forward Gerald Green, who is scheduled to meet with the Bulls sometime in the coming week (via Blog a Bull). Green was a first-round of the Boston Celtics in 2005 but was out of the league from 2009 until the second half of the season, where he resurfaced with the New Jersey Nets before breaking out and scoring 20 or more points in seven of 31 games.

Despite the potential Green, 26, showed last season, the Nets may decide to cut him loose in order to use their exceptions on bigger names. For Chicago, Green could provide some much needed athleticism on the wing, and if he continues to grow as a player, he could be a steal on a low salary. In those 31 games last season, Green shot 48 percent from the field and 39 percent from three-point range. At the very worst, he can show his teammates how to blow out a candle while dunking.

Green will meet with the Nets on Sunday, and is also scheduled to visit the Pacers.

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