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VIDEO: Let's Analyze Derrick Rose's Slight Limp In This Brief TMZ Footage!

Like any good child of the '90s, Derrick Rose couldn't have entered Hollywood's Roxbury nightclub on Thursday evening without thinking of the movie that bears its name. While we can't be certain that 1998's "A Night at the Roxbury" is our fallen MVP's favorite Chris Kattan vehicle, the footage that surfaced this morning at TMZ of Rose exiting the Los Angeles nightclub with a slight limp certainly suggests it.

So: what can this :16-second clip of Rose's upper torso tell us about his rehabilitation from a torn ACL in his left knee? Let's find out!

You see that ability to cut on a dime to evade the paparazzi? Such agility! Actually, Ron Jaworski himself couldn't draw any large conclusions from that bit of film, so we should all probably just stop. D. Rose is dead and he's never coming back. Chicago sports truly are stuck in the darkest timeline.

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