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Joakim Noah's 3 Favorite Chicago Athletes Are A.J. Pierzynski, Patrick Kane And Patrick Kane

I personally had a lot of fun last time Joakim Noah mentioned his affection for fellow local party boy Patrick Kane, so at the risk of repeating the same six jokes I made a few weeks ago I'll simply send you to the old post. Noah and Kane were tied together again on Thursday when ESPN's Michele Steele got Noah to talk about his favorite local athletes. Perhaps it's no surprise that Noah gravities towards his most polarizing athletic peers.




Well, that's about perfect. The company line on Pierzynski and Noah has always been the same: if they're on your team, you'll love 'em. If not? You will probably hate them. Bulls fans learned this lesson first hand after Noah's time at Florida made him Public Enemy No. 1 for many sports fans across the country. Now it's unquestionably one of the most popular athletes in the city.


As for as Kaner finishing at No. 2 and No. 3 in Noah's rankings: it makes sense. I don't find Patrick Kane particularly....likable....but Noah is the man and it's funny that he approves of Kane's party antics so thoroughly. As Joakim once said: can't a guy live a little?