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Bulls Rumors: Chicago To Match Omer Asik Offer Sheet, According To Report

The Chicago Bulls, once though likely to part ways with C Omer Asik, appear to be on the verge of retaining the 26-year-old big man. According to ESPN's Ric Bucher, the Bulls never considered parting ways with Asik:

"As for matching the offer from the Houston Rockets for Omer Asik, I am told that the Bulls will do that -- never had a question about doing that -- even though it is a very high price to pay for a young, unproven big man."

The Houston Rockets offered Asik a $25 million, back-loaded contract in early July. If the Bulls match the offer, there is a chance the team will be unable to retain other key bench players, such as PF Taj Gibson, for the long term.

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