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Bulls Free Agency 2012: Chicago Exploring Trade Options For Kyle Korver

The Chicago Bulls are retooling their roster as the team deals with the heavy end of series of contracts. C Omer Asik, G-F Ronnie Brewer and SG C.J. Watson are on paths paved towards the exit, and it appears likely SG Kyle Korver is moving in that same direction.

Earlier NBA trade rumors suggested the Minnesota Timberwolves or the Portland Trail Blazers had interest in trading for Korver, but it appears the Atlanta Hawks remain the favorite after another day of jostling:

And the Korver trade may ultimately pave the way for a finalized deal for PG Kirk Hinrich via a sign-and-trade arrangement:

The Bulls are looking to orchestrate a second Chicago tour of duty for Hinrich, but may want to find a way to preserve their mini-mid level exception by trading Korver for Hinrich.

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