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Bulls Trade Rumors: Luke Ridnour Could Be Return For Kyle Korver, According To Report

The Chicago Bulls are still waiting on the Houston Rockets to sign Omer Asik to an offer sheet, and they have yet to announce their deal with Kirk Hinrich, but they've been staying busy in the interim of the 2012 NBA Free Agency period. The team is "likely" going to deal Kyle Korver to the Minnesota Timberwolves, according to a report from Michael Cunningham of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Sunday is the deadline for the team to pick up its $5 million option on Korver, which is is an event that seems contingent on finding a trade partner.

The rumored deal with the Timberwolves brings up the issue of what the Bulls might get in return, and K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune says the target is ultimately unclear, but he cites a league source that says the Bulls have asked about veteran point guard Luke Ridnour:

One league source said the Bulls inquired about Luke Ridnour, who would seem to duplicate Hinrich and also add another year of salary. However, Ridnour's $4.32 million salary expires in 2014 at a time when the Bulls could make major changes with Hinrich's and Luol Deng's deals ending and the amnesty provision likely being used on Carlos Boozer.

Ridnour is a proven commodity that could help Hinrich steer the offense while Derrick Rose recovers, as the 31-year-old has posted solid numbers over the last three seasons, highlighted by a 17.7 PER and 57.0 TS% with the Milwaukee Bucks in 2009-10.