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Bulls Free Agency 2012: How Close Is Carlos Boozer To Being Waived Via Amnesty?

It is no secret that Chicago Bulls owner Jerry Reinsdorf has no desire to go past the NBA's luxury tax line. That, in turn, has put pressure on Chicago's front office to keep the team at the top of the Eastern Conference while staying under a salary cap number that many of its competitors may blow past. (Derrick Rose's injury, of course, hasn't helped matters.) It has long been discussed that one remedy for Chicago's predicament would be to use the amnesty provision on power forward Carlos Boozer.

On Monday night, ESPN salary cap guru Larry Coon addressed Chicago's likelihood of using its amnesty on Boozer this season and came to this conclusion:

The Bulls are desperately trying to stay below the tax line, especially if they match Omer Asik's offer sheet from the Houston Rockets. But this is one time that desperate times do not call for desperate measures. The Bulls are much more likely to wait a year or two before making a tough decision on Boozer.

(via ESPN)

Time will tell if that prediction turns out to be true.

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