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2012 NBA Draft Rumors: Bulls Want 'Athletic Combo Guards'

The Chicago Bulls hold the No. 29 pick in the 2012 NBA Draft, and the prospects that worked out for the team prior to the NBA Draft Combine in Chicago are saying the Bulls want to add "athletic combo guards" and "a backup point guard and shooter." These quotes are from Oregon State guard Jared Cunningham and Kentucky guard Doron Lamb, respectively, by way of K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune. Both prospects worked out for the Bulls earlier in the week, and they each came away the impression that the team is looking to add someone like them.

With Derrick Rose on the shelf until at least late-December and Luol Deng a question mark for the start of the season, the Bulls need a player who can step in and add something to the team right away. That's exactly what Lamb told K.C. Johnson: "They told me they're looking for a backup point guard and shooter and someone who can play right away." Along the same lines, Cunningham heard from Chicago about their draft wants: "They said they're looking for athletic combo guards. I feel I can help them."

To be fair, what team wouldn't want athletic combo guards and someone who can play right away? Welcome to NBA Draft season, folks.

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