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Joakim Noah Tweets To Show Local Party Boy Solidarity With Patrick Kane

Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah and Chicago Blackhawks forward Patrick Kane are a certain type of kindred spirits, the sort joined by a mutual admiration for freewheeling young women, hard liquor and various other party supplies.

One is a 7-footer raised by internationally famous parents, distinct by ridiculous long and curly hair, equipped with a beauty gap between his front teeth. The other looks like a kid who probably would have received a fair amount of swirlies in high school had he not been a prodigious hockey talent and/or if swirlies were still a thing. This duo would cause quite a scene were they to have a night out on the town, to the point where the unfortunate city of their choosing would likely be left in flames and covered in the thick residue of hash.

It makes sense that this odd couple would indeed be party bros, though despite ample photo evidence of their hard-charging ways off the court/ice, there's nothing showing any previous connection between the local stars. Perhaps that will now change.

On Friday, Noah tweeted support for Kane, who ran into trouble after pictures of his Cinco de Mayo weekend excursion in Madison, Wisconsin went viral.

And we have a new candidate for the best tweet of 2012. You may now proceed with your day.