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NBA Draft 2012: Jeff Teague Praises Brother Marcus

NBA rookies may seek advice from teammates and friends when coming into the league, but new Chicago Bulls point guard Marquis Teague can lean on someone even closer: his brother, Atlanta Hawks point guard Jeff Teague. Jeff will get to impress advice on his younger brother, but Marquis has already impressed his brother.

Jeff spoke with the Chicago Tribune after the Bulls snagged Marquis, and he effusive in his praise of his younger brother, who many scouts believe will one day be the better player.

"He's a pass-first point guard. Going to Kentucky helped him a lot. He's just a really explosive player. He can shoot it, drive it. He's a really hard worker. I was surprised that he became a great defender because he really never played defense in high school. The way he defended at Kentucky really impressed me."

(via The Chicago Tribune)

The Teagues will likely face each other four times next season, and with Marquis expected to be in the Bulls' rotation, the two will be able to continue their sibling rivalry on the court.

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