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NBA Draft 2012 Grades: Bulls Get 'C' For Marquis Teague From NBC Sports

The Chicago Bulls grabbed a young point guard with a premium pedigree and a national championship under his belt when they selected Marquis Teague with the No. 29 pick in the 2012 NBA Draft, but do the experts think they got a good deal? Kurt Helin of the NBC Sports Pro Basketball Talk blog put together his NBA Draft Grades for all 30 teams, and he thought the Bulls did okay:

Chicago Bulls: C
They get a nice backup point guard in Marquis Teague out of Kentucky. Not thrilling, but nice. They played an iron shot off the tee into the middle of the fairway.

As for other grades from around the web, Andrew Sharp of SB Nation also gave the Bulls a "C" and Matt Moore of CBS Sports put a "B" grade on the Bulls' draft.

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