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Dennis Rodman Attacks Ex-Wife, Takes 4-6 Jägermeister Shots In Front Of Son

The post-playing days of Dennis Rodman took another sad turn on Thursday when it was reported the former Chicago Bulls star's ex-wife was granted a temporary restraining order against the five-time NBA champion stemming from a troubling incident on May 28.

As the story goes, Rodman entered his ex-wife's house unannounced and inebriated at 2:30 a.m. His ex-wife claims she was "attacked" and pushed onto her bed while Rodman demanded to see his 11-year old son. Rodman would go onto take his ex-wife and son to a breakfast joint, where the former Bull "slammed 4-6 Jägermeister shots" and made vulgar and disparaging remarks about his ex-wife's current relationship, according to his ex-wife.

It's worth noting that the power forward denies his ex-wife's accusations and claims to have a witness to support him.

Last we heard from Rodman, he was having trouble making child support payments due to alcoholism.

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