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Chicago Bulls Rumors: Trade For 2012 NBA Draft Lottery Pick A Team Goal?

The Chicago Bulls hold the No. 29 pick in the 2012 NBA Draft, but even the most devout draft fanatics don't think an impact shooting guard will slide that far down the draft board in what is considered a deep draft class. However, the Bulls may be thinking about moving up on draft day, and they are supposedly interested in Jeremy Lamb, Dion Waiters and Austin Rivers. All three of those players have been consistently linked to the late-lottery, so a trade would likely be necessary to land anyone in that trio.

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This is where Sam Amico of Fox Sports Ohio comes in to play. He speculates that the Bulls may want to trade up in the draft and that they are eyeing Lamb, Waiters and Rivers:

...the Bulls own the No. 29 pick in the draft. Their goal, some will tell you, is to move up, perhaps even into the lottery.

In order for that to happen the Bulls will have to offer a player (or players), and probably include their first-rounder. They're said to have their eyes on guards such as Connecticut's Jeremy Lamb, Syracuse's Dion Waiters or Duke's Austin Rivers.

Note that he uses the phrase "some will tell you" to float the idea of a trade, so this may be even one step below the typical "according to a source" type of draft rumor, but he does add in those specific prospects as well. In essence, if you are a Bulls fan desperately hoping Gar Forman makes a move to land a top prospect in the 2012 NBA Draft at least you have some straws to grasp at now.

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