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Ray Clay, The PA From The Bulls Dynasty Years, Introduces Wedding Party

We all know the feeling. The music. The video of bulls running through Chicago. The green-lasered logo. And then the voice: Aaaannnnnnd now.... [yada yada yada] From North Car-o-lina, at guard, 6'6'', Michael Jordan!

Goosebumps, joy and wins would follow. Ray Clay's voice is synonymous with the 90s Chicago Bulls and their dominance. If you liked life and lived in Chicago, Clay's vocals are unmistakable. It wasn't what you were used to hearing from traditional PAs, -- smooth, deep-voiced, able to unhitch bras with its bravado -- but throaty, rough and violent. He was more Kurt Cobain than Barry White. But that didn't matter. The only thing that mattered was what you felt when his voice pierced the old Chicago Stadium's speakers. The building rattled. The player's high-fived. Jerry Krause ate a hotdog.

So, when I found out a young couple signed Clay to introduce the wedding party at their reception, I could not have been more jealous. (Not the marriage part. Dear lord, NOT the marriage part.) Video of awesomeness following the jump.

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