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Chicago Bulls Rumors: ESPN Suggests Trading Joakim Noah To Sacramento

In an article about draft-related trades that could make sense, ESPN's Bradford Doolittle suggests that the Chicago Bulls should consider trading Joakim Noah to the Sacramento Kings in an effort to shake things up for the future. The actual deal that Doolittle suggests would send Noah and the No. 29 pick to the Kings in exchange for Tyreke Evans and the No. 5 pick.

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While trading Noah would seem ludicrous to many Bulls fans given his emergence as a key part of the team's identity, Doolittle thinks that Evans could ultimately be a great fit in Chicago:

Evans could run the point while Derrick Rose recovers from knee surgery, then play alongside him when he comes back. The Bulls desperately need a second shot-creator, and Evans could be that guy. Evans has underachieved defensively in the NBA, but Tom Thibodeau would cure him of that. He has the physical traits of someone that should be an elite defensive guard.

Doolittle also notes that the draft pick component of the trade would be integral for Chicago, given that the higher pick would allow the Bulls to select a new young prospect like Andre Drummond, Thomas Robinson or Harrison Barnes.

At this point, it's probably most reasonable to note that this is simply the suggestion of one writer rather than an actual rumor. There are zero indications that the Bulls are considering Noah trades, and it's probably most reasonable to expect the Bulls to simply stand pat and avoid making any major changes this offseason.

But as Doolittle shows, the Bulls could really shake things up with a little creativity if they want.

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