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VIDEO: Michael Jordan's 'Shot Over Ehlo' Happened 23 Years Ago Today

It's hard to ever think of Michael Jordan's Chicago Bulls as anything less than a juggernaut, but the road to six championships was hardly obstacle-free. The Bulls' early struggles against and eventual conquer of the "Bad Boys" era Detroit Pistons has almost reached parable status in local sports history, but even getting that far often required hard-fought battles. Case in point: in 1989, the Bulls were a No. 6 seed and considered an underdog to Cleveland Cavaliers.

Chicago upset the Cavs and won the first round series in five games. The series ended on one of the most iconic moments of Jordan's career: his buzzer-beating shot over Craig Ehlo. That play happened 23 years ago today.

Ah, symmetry.

Plenty is forgotten in such a classic moment, like Jordan hitting a first go-ahead jumper with six seconds left or Ehlo making an impressive driving layup to retake the lead on the possession before MJ would end it. Ehlo ended the game with 22 points, but his name will forever be synonymous with Jim Durham's call and one of the most memorable moments from Jordan's legendary career.